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Clock Every Day: 40cm Morden Golden/ Silver/ Copper Ring Bezel Metal Wall Clock

HYW282/40cm Modern Golden/ Silver/ Copper Ring Bezel Metal Wall Clock
Made from metal.
Height 40 cm.(15.75 inch)
Width 40 cm.(15.75 inch)
Depth 5.3 cm (2.09 inch)
Power by 1 x AA battery

The stainless steel or painted metal case of this elegant, simple, and fantastic metal wall clock is complemented by a golden, silver, or copper finish ring. The colors clash beautifully and make the clock stand out. The clock won’t rust and will never go out of style. It has a contemporary and stylish design with large, black hands and numbers, a clean or cute dial, and a step or sweep quartz movement.

This clock boasts a modern/contemporary look with a splash of color that will brighten up any room where it is displayed. These clocks are made from quality materials that blend with any décor and offer the highest standard of quality.

This stylish ring bezel metal wall clock is perfect for any interior. It makes a timeless addition to any room.

–GardenABC China (Professional Clock Manufacturer)

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