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Clock Every Day: 13 inch Galvanized Wall Clock with Flower Clock Face

HYW084 / 13 inch Galvanized Wall Clock with Flower Clock Face

Made from metal.
Height 33.7 cm.(13.27 inch)
Width 33.7 cm.(13.27 inch)
Depth 5.4 cm (2.13 inch)
Power by 1 x AA battery

Every clock has its own beauty
The same clock frame, but a different feeling

Different materials produce different textures:

Galvanized Cases are industrial-looking,

while Stainless Steel Cases look modern and contemporary,

and Electroplated Chrome Case features a piece of luxury.

Different color schemes and finishes create different vibes, try incorporating a dark gray clock into your interior design if black is too strong. A light gray clock is a great addition to white.

The dial will seem modern with the Arabic numerals, while the dial with Roman numerals will look more antique.


Garden ABC manufactures and offers multiple kinds of clock designs,

including clock cases, materials, colors, finishes, and dial designs, and we welcome your ideas.

Our strong customized ability is an important support for you, feel free to contact us, we hope to establish a long-term cooperative relationship with you.

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