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Clock Every Day: 10 inch Stainless Steel Wall Clock

HYW070/ 10 inch Stainless Steel Wall Clock

Made from stainless steel.
Height 25.7 cm.(10 inch)
Width 25.7 cm.(10 inch)
Depth 4.4 cm (1.73 inch)
Power by 1 x AA battery

Brushed stainless steel finished case, a PVC or aluminum dial, and a clear flat glass lens make this 10 inches metal clock look simple luxury.

Both step and sweep quartz movements are available, along with radio control functions, including WWVB, DCF, MSF, and JJY, it would be chosen according to the needs of different markets and consumer groups.

A concise and bright wall clock will be an eye-catching accessory to any room. It is an ideal choice for Living Rooms, Lounges, Kitchens, Bedrooms, Hallways, Bars, Cafes, and much more.

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