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GardenABC Outdoor Clocks & Outdoor livings’ Manufacturer and Supplier in China

We are a reliable manufacturer and supplier of home decor and outdoor living products.Our focus over the past twenty years has been on a consistent and stable supply of unique mid-to-high-end products and services to world well-known brands of home and garden living companies. 

To achieve this goal, we design and create a series of new products every year. At the same time, we fully support our customers’ requests for customization by fully collaborating with them, step by step, to turn their ideas into reality.

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garden ABC

Family gardens offer a family a chance to plant and

care for the plants with their kids. 


Gardening is not only a physical activity, 

but also a stress-relieving activity, 

A family garden provides a place 

where parents and children can enjoy time together.


The purpose of our business is to manufacture & supply quality garden products to branded companies and wholesalers at a reasonable price.

For those who love gardening, you can also find: 

Charming iron flower pot and planter stands of all sizes, 

as well as Garden Bistro & Patio Sets where your family can enjoy the great outdoors.


Additionally, we supply a wide selection of BBQ grills and fire pits in wholesale quantities, which are essential for family outdoor parties throughout the year.


Household & Garden Products Supplying

Our company has more than 20 years of professional experience in manufacturing and supplying household and garden products and we have a professional design team that can continuously improve and develop new products to meet the different needs of the market and customers. 

At present, our company has developed thousands of products, and more than 35 products have obtained national patent certificates.

Our factories have obtained ISO quality management system certification, Sedex, BSCI, and other social certifications.



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