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6 inch Plastic Humidity and Temperature Monitor

Humidity and temperature monitor also called as analog thermometer spiral hygrometer,this is a decorative weather forecast device.

6 inch Plastic Humidity and Temperature Monitor

6 inch Plastic Humidity and Temperature Monitor
6 inch Plastic Humidity and Temperature Monitor
6 inch Plastic Humidity and Temperature Monitor
6 inch Plastic Humidity and Temperature Monitor

This thermometer and hygrometer is 6 inches in size and the model is HYP014. The material is a white plastic case and a pvc dial.

The dial is clearly and easily read, just like reading time from a clock. There are two parts on the dial, the upper part is the temperature zone and the lower part is the humidity zone. The temperature zone includes three parts, cold, hot, and comfortable. The humidity zone is neatly marked with three areas, dry, wet, and comfortable.

From the same needle axis, two dark red aluminum hands point to two different parts, the temperature zone and the humidity zone. The white dial and case are highlighted by the dark red pointers, which make this weather station full of elegance.

This thermometer and hygrometer work on the principle of physical sensing and is purely mechanical and precise temperature sensing design. It measures the temperature and humidity through the air circulation of the vent. It is battery free, energy-saving, and durable.

It can be hung on the wall or placed on the countertop. By tracking the temperature and humidity, you can adjust the heaters and humidifiers to control the room’s relative humidity and temperature to ensure comfort.

Whenever you use it for the first time or change the environment, you must unpack the product and place it in the current environment for a moment, so that this analog weather station can detect the temperature and humidity values of the current environment for normal operation!

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Model Number:HYP2014CR
Material:CASEPlastic case
HANDSAluminum hands
Motivity Type:Thermo-hygrometer  
Movement:Thermo-hygrometer Movement
Design StyleModern, Traditional, Art decor, Stylish, Unique, etc.
ColorCream or customized.
Display Type:Needle
Powered by0 PCSAA batteryNot including 
Normal Packing1 PCS per bubble bag,
1 bag per white window box.
40 boxes per brown outer carton.
Accept Customized Design Packing
Size L x W x H
Product size15.3×15.3×3.6CM  
Box size (1 pc/box)15.9×15.9×4.2CM  
Outer carton size45.5×33.8×33.3CM  
Loading Quantity20 GP537 CTNS/20 GP21480 PCS/20 GP40 PCS/CTNS
40 GP1093 CTNS/40 GP43720 PCS/40 GP40 PCS/CTNS
40 HQ1328 CTNS/40 HQ53120 PCS/40 HQ40 PCS/CTNS
Place of OriginFujian, China
Port of LoadingXiamen, China


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